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FEATURE: Ice Cream Cathedral

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2013 was an exciting year for Ice Cream Cathedral. Not only did they release ‘The Drowsy Kingdom‘, they also signed with the Norwegian label Riot Factory, playing several festivals along the way including Roskilde Festival as part of the festivals Rising program. This year will most likely triumph it; less than a month has passed and the band have already released their “Reworks EP”, a selection of remixes of songs from their debut album by artists such as Sekuoia, Indians and Scarlet Chives, its also been announced the band will play showcase festival by:Larm, Oslo in February. 2014 is also the year that Ice Cream Cathedral will be releasing their second album.

Here Today visisted the band in the studio during the recordings. While the first album was recorded in isolation somewhere in the woods of Sweden, the second album is recorded in a studio in Copenhagen, The Black Tornado. The album will be a higher paced record with a more club feel to it; tension arises between the airy melodies and the constant, forward movement of the rhythm and so the band continues their exploration of contrast. In the interview below the bands gives us a glimpse into their recording process and how it differs from the one used in the making of ‘The Drowsy Kingdom‘.

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