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LIVE REVIEW: Tame Impala | Store Vega, Copenhagen, 09.08.2013

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A sold out sign greets me at the door to Store Vega. The large hall is beautiful as always: a trip back in time to the fifties. Functionalism. Wooden panels. Concrete. I love it.

Time travel could be the theme of the night. Tame Impala spiraled out as a bedroom project of Perth, Australia back in the late 2000s with a psychedelic sixties sound that somehow seems to remind me of all the great music of that time without ever sounding like any of it. Their first album Innerspeaker got really good reviews and when the second, Lonerism, came out publications like Pitchfork and NME laid down flat in admiration.

So the question then goes: How does Tame Impala channel out those trippy tunes live? The backdrop: an oscillating green line that, when the band starts playing, evolves into a variation of colors and shapes that most likely would have caused great joy among the hippies back then and if not, then it at least makes me smile. The band goes through the first couple of songs without addressing the audience, and except for announcing the title of “Mind Mischief”, Tame Impala stays quiet between the songs until a good 20 minutes into the set when Kevin Parker suddenly exclaims “Hey, I am wearing new underpants today, everyone knows how good that feels!”. New as clean or new as just bought? An actual observation of the joys of personal hygiene or some meta-statement about the awkwardness of addressing a bunch a strangers from a stage?

Anyway, he seems playful and somewhere someone lit up a joint. Next to me a dude tries to crowd surf and fails. Something is happening. We are entering what to me is the peak of the concert. Songs like “Elephant” and “Half full” energetic early heavy feel leaves me bobbing my head and numbers on the liquid-crystal scale (the amount of smart-phones in the air) tells me that I am not the only one having a moment. Their sound is great. It is close to what you get on their albums, sometimes the vocals seem to float away in effects more than on the recordings, but apart from that they come through crisp.

The Lonerism opener “Be Above It” takes the set back to the more dreamy songs like “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” and “Apocalypse Dreams”. After a good long 2 minutes of cheering an the announcement of a 50 dollars pay rise to the light/visuals technician Tame Impala ends the concert with “Nothing that Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control”.


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