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PHOTOS: Roskilde Festival 2016, Day 1

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Bring Me The Horizon_Photo by Tom Spray_06

Bring Me The Horzion, Arena, by Tom Spray

 Vince Staples_Photo by Tom Spray_01

Vince Staples_Photo by Tom Spray_03

Vince Staples, Pavilion, by Tom Spray

Action Bronson_MG_5583

Action Bronson_Photo by Tom Spray_03

Acti0n Bronson, Avalon, by Morten Krogh & Tom Spray

at the drive-in live roskilde

at the drive-in live roskilde

At The Drive-In, Arena, by Morten Krogh

aurora live roskilde

Aurora, Pavilion, by Morten Krogh

hinds live roskilde

Hinds_Photo by Tom Spray_01

Hinds, Pavilion, by Morten Krogh & Tom Spray

Wiz Khalifa_Photo by Tom Spray_05

Wiz Khalifa_Photo by Tom Spray_01

Wiz Kalifa, Arena, by Tom Spray

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