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Ring Them Bells

PHOTOS: Pulled Apart By Horses

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Photos by Tom Spray (

Ring Them Bells (Photo by Tom Spray)
Ring Them Bells
Dinosaur Pile-Up (Photo by Tom Spray)
Dinosaur Pile-Up
Pulled Apart By Horses (Photo by Tom Spray)
Pulled Apart By Horses
Pulled Apart By Horses (Photo by Tom Spray)
Pulled Apart By Horses
Pulled Apart By Horses (Photo by Tom Spray)
Pulled Apart By Horses

Bands to catch at SPOT Festival 2014

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Who: Broken Twin
Where: Musikhuset, Store Sal
When: 15:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Disa
Where: Atlas
When: 16:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Shiny Darkly
Where: SCC
When: 18:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Julias Moon
Where: SCC
When: 19:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Reptile Youth
Where: SCC
When: 20:45 – 02.05.2014


Who: Iceage/Lower/Communions/Hand Of Dust
Where: Atlas
When: 22:00 – 02.05.2014


Who: Sekuoia 
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 22:00 – 02.05.2014


Who: Blaue Blume
Where: Musikhuset, Lille Sal
When: 22:15 – 02.05.2014


Who: The Woken Trees
Where: Musikhuset, Filuren
When: 00:00 – 02.05.2014




Who: Get Your Gun
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 15:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: My Heart The Brave
Where: SCC
When: 17:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Mont Oliver
Where: SCC
When: 19:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Heimatt
Where: Radar
When: 20:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: The New Spring
Where: Musikhuset, Filuren
When: 21:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Jaakko Eino Kalvei
Where: Voxhall
When: 21:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Sleep Party People
Where: Atlas
When: 21:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Schultz and Forever
Where: Musikhuset, Cafescene
When: 21:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: Sea Change
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 22:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: Naomi Pilgrim
Where: Musikhuset, Rytmisk Hal
When: 22:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: Ice Cream Cathedral 
Where: Atlas
When: 00:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: Ring Them Bells
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 01:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Broke
Where: Atlas
When: 02:00 – 03.05.2014

SESSION: Ring Them Bells

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Copenhagen “noise rockers” Ring Them Bells first came to light at the start of 2012 after they released teaser track ‘Technicolor’ on their social media. With powerful riffs at the center, along with curvy melodies and seductive vocals the band have taken inspiration from ’60s soul and blues roots combined with acid and noise. They’ve recently finished recording their debut album, set to be released at the start of February 2013. We met up with them on the final day of recording. Featuring: Marcus Bror Forsgreen (guitar) and Laila Macfarlan (percussion)


Production: Here Today
Sound engineer: Nikolaj Vinten
Assistant engineer: Martin Birket-Schmidt
Audio mix/master: Nikolaj Vinten
Location: Black Tornado (by Nikolaj Vinten)
Mixed at: Supersonic (by Nikolaj Vinten)

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