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April 2014

SESSION: Communions

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Like their big brothers, Iceage and LowerCommunions are squarely based among the Mayhem set, where waistbands are high, haircuts sharp, and screamed vocals drenched in reverb. The young quartet has gained attention by melding the typical hardcore/goth hybrid of the likes of Iceage with surf-rock melodies and one-note guitar riffs. Their first EP, Cobblestones, was naturally released by Posh Isolation back in January. The band came to the Black Tornado studios in Copenhagen to perform two songs, new track ‘Summer’s Oath’ and title track from their EP ‘Cobblestones’.


AUDIO: Naomi Pilgrim – “House Of Dreams”

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Naomi Pilgrim has shared a new track entitled “House Of Dreams” ahead of her appearance at this weekends SPOT Festival in Aarhus. Catch Pilgrim at the Musikhuset, Rytmisk Hal in Aarhus (22:45 – 03.05.2014)

Listen to “House Of Dreams” below:

VIDEO: Robyn & Röyksopp – “Do It Again”

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Robyn and Röyksopp have shared a video for their track “Do It Again” from their mini-album which is set for release May 25th. The lyric video for the track is directed by Graham Smith.

Watch the video for “Do It Again” below:

VIDEO: Blaue Blume – “In Disco Lights”

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Blaue Blume have shared the video for single “In Disco Lights” from their forthcoming EP Beau & Lorette which is set for release June 2nd on AC30 and Brilliant Records. The video was co-directed by the band and Aske Rif Torbensen and sees the band performing in a white infinity room as disco ball spins light into the frame.

Watch the video for “In Disco Lights” below:

VIDEO: Kasper Bjørke – “Rush”

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Copenhagen producer Kasper Bjørke has shared a video for his new single “Rush” which features Tobias Buch on vocals. The video was directed by Rasmus Weng Karlsen and features a iguana, jellyfish along with a vast array of flora, as semi-raunchy relationship between a couple plays out. “Rush” is the first single from his new forthcoming album set for release this fall on Hfn.

Watch the video for “Rush” below:

LIVE REVIEW: Eagulls, Stengade, 23.04.2014

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There aren’t any surprises with Eagulls. If what you are looking for in their live set is the blistered amalgam of shoegaze and post-punk guitars with wailed Robert Smith-esque vocals, well, that’s exactly what you get. There is a curious energy about them, with singer George Mitchell bobbing and weaving in a self-contained way, his lanky build twisting and contorting to emphasize just how lanky he is. You get the impression that if he were to start jumping or thrashing around on stage the audience would follow suit, and there are moments, particularly during opener “Nerve Endings” where that feels appropriate. But it doesn’t happen, and so the crowd’s movement is limited to a few spirited individuals who look like they want to slam dance but instead just bang their heads a bit.

On a stage that’s tiny for five people, there’s a grungy effect in having one guitarist bent over for most of the set with his hair completely obscuring his face, while the oft serious-faced bassist shifts around as much as the limited space allows. It’s worth mentioning the talents of their drummer, who manages to maintain some level of nuance while still being heard over that fuzzy wash of noise.

But the set is short by headlining standards, even for a band with only one full length album out. They don’t actually play through the whole album. They end with “Possessed,” at which point Mitchell steps off the stage and walks through the crowd towards the door. It should signify a definitive end to the evening, but the crowd isn’t convinced. It isn’t until the guitarist begins packing up his pedals and shakes his head to an insistent audience that they finally take a hint.

VIDEO: Lykke Li – “No Rest For The Wicked”

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Lykke Li has shared the video for single “No Rest For The Wicked” featuring A$AP Rocky taken from her third studio I Never Learn which is set for release May 5th on Atlantic Records.

Watch the video for “No Rest For The Wicked Below:

VIDEO: Oh Land – “Cherry On Top”

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Oh Land has shared a new video for her single “Cherry On Top” from her third album Wish Bone. The video, which was shot this winter in New York, sees Nanna Øland Fabricius playing the piano as ballet students practice before breaking into freestyle dance moves with a fellow student. The cherry on top in the video is Danish model Helena Christensen!

Watch the video for “Cherry On Top” below:

AUDIO: Cancer – “Same Color As Digital Photography”

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Copenhagen duo made up of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) and Kristian Finne Kristensen (Chorus Grant), Cancer, have shared new single “Same Color As Digital Photography” ahead of the release of their 6 track mini album Ragazzi which will be released June 9th on Tambourhinoceros.

Listen to “Same Color As Digital Photography” below:

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