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October 2014

SESSION: Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia

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Two acts that Here Today has championed since the start of their blossoming careers, Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia, have decided to join forces for two concert at the end of the month. It only seemed fitting to bring them into the same studio we recorded their previous sessions to get a sneak peak at this collaboration, as they lead us through “Amber Sail” from Ice Cream Cathedral’s debut The Drowsy Kingdom.

Catch them at Radar in Aarhus on 31.10.2014 or Lille Vega in Copenhagen on 01.11.2014.

Watch “Amber Sail” from the session below:

Watch “Rituals” from Sekuoia’s previous session below:

Watch “An Armful Of Rubies” from Ice Cream Cathedral’s previous session below:

SESSION: Schultz and Forever

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Last February we invited a young Jonathan Schultz and his band, Schultz and Forever, to play a session for us at Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen. His gruff vocals and songwriting ability were beyond his years……….fast forward one year later Jonathan has refined his sound grabbing inspiration from the psychedelic scene, reshuffling his band mainly consisting of members of Danish band Waldo & Marsha and showed great relaxed maturity in his approach to songwriting. Along with a small crowd at Black Tornado he gave Here Today an exclusive on his new sound. Heres Schultz and Forever’s new single P.O.V., the rest of the session will follow in the summer…….

VIDEO: Oh Land – Head Up High

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Oh Land has shared the video to her newest single “Head Up High” that was shot in New York. In stark but surprisingly fitting contrast to its catchy, upbeat disco-pop melody, we are taken on a moody, atmospheric trip through one of NY’s dingiest tunnels. This is followed by Nanna Øland Fabricius’ highly emotional performance in a make-shift underground room, interlaced with the slow-motion movements of inanimate objects. In the end, she trashes the place with a baseball bat – whilst wearing an over-sized motorcycle helmet. Directed by Duncan Winecoff.

Watch the video here:

PHOTOS: First Hate, Hillerødgade Bad, Copenhagen, 10.10.2014

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Photos by James Hjertholm





AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: The Felines – “Want”

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The Felines debut album has been a long time coming since they formed in 2010. They’ve managed to feed our appetite for their take on doo wop garage rock with two EP’s Daddy Walks (2012) and A Man Stuck In Your Mind (2013), they’re now ready to release their full length debut Want in a weeks time (15th October) on Soundflat Records (EU) and Burger Records (North America). Here Today have been given an exclusive listen of lead single “Want”.

Listen to The Felines “Want” below:

Watch “Pretty Boy” from our session with The Felines below:

LIVE REVIEW: Honeyblood, Ideal Bar, 03.10.2014

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Photos by Morten Aagaard Krogh (

From the first notes of opener “Fall Forever,” it is clear that Honeyblood are a live band. They write off kilter indie pop songs around guitar and drum parts that translates smoothly to live performances. with the only noticeable differences between from the recordings coming in minor tweaks in delivery by singer Stina Tweeddale.

One of the first great impressions the band make is with Tweeddale’s voice. Neither she nor drummer Shona McVicar play timidly, so it does take significant vocal muscle to be heard so clearly over the music.  And the clarity of her voice holds whether she hits the prettier melodies that carry most of the tunes or those with a rawer edge.


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The other immediate impression Honeyblood make is their energy. With only a debut album under their belts and a few other songs that didn’t make the cut, it was always going to be a relatively short set, but they bounce through it with a consistent delight. Drummer McVicar has a smile on her face that sometimes is contorted by the furious effort of her playing; one particular turn in the middle of “Super Rat” earns her enthusiastic cheers mid-song. When she’s not playing, she can be seen dancing slightly from the seat behind her kit.

They are also very charming, if very negative about their native Glasgow, as initially evidenced when they introduced the track, “(I’d Rather Be) Anywhere But Here,” as being about their hometown. But this self deprecation comes without any real negativity. They probably represent themselves better through the banter that revolves around drinking beer. For a band with a punky edge, the room has a very friendly vibe.

The audience is also curiously obliging. When the band ask them to step forward, they do. When they ask them to do dance during a song, they do. When Tweeddale asks them to sing a bit of encore “Kissing on You,” which she plays solo, they do. And when the evening ends on the early side, Honeyblood’s request that people come talk to them after the show is also readily met.

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