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Broke formed in Copenhagen, DK late 2011 after Simon Littauer originally moved to the Danish capital to study management, but after growing frustrations of lack of creativity and the uniform culture in school decided to leave his pipe dream of corporate success behind. Soon after he moved in with Mads Bergland into his Nørrebro apartment with the sole purpose of forming a band. The two named the band Broke on reflection of the youths state of a hopeless and a demoralised generation not to mention their own financial situation at that time. They spent the next year moulding the sound of what Broke has become today, “a digitalised post-punk assault”, with a blend of relentless beats and futuristic psychedelic.


Production: Here Today
Sound engineer: Peter Emil Skielboe Sloth
Audio mix: Simon Littauer
Master: Simon Littauer
Location: Tapf Studio

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