Press releases and new music submissions goes to

If you wish to record a session with Here Today, send an email to Please note that we get quite a few inquiries, so we can only record a session with a fraction of the bands who contact us.



Tom Spray
Morten Aagaard Krogh
Hilmar Darri Flygenring

Contributing Editors

Charlie Cassarino
Amanda Farah


Helen Thomas
Simon Haugaard Corydon
Thomas Balslev Brandt
Martin Gronemann


Johannes Leszinski
Ivan Boll
Jen Tse


Alexander Brandel

James Hjertholm
Johan Ask Pape
Jonas Bang
Morten Øbro
Thomas Pape
Mark Therikildsen
Søren Bang Clemmensen
Tim Panduro
Adam Peter Ullstrom

Sound Engineers

Troels Damgaard Holm
Nikolaj Nielsen
Nikolaj Vinten
Martin Birket-Smith
Peter Sloth

Special thanks to…..

Lars Mitch Fischermann – CEO @ Supersonic Studios CPH
Lars Lundholm – CEO @ Black Tornado Studio
Frederik Van Deurs @ Tapf Studio

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