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Get Your Gun (Photo by Tom Spray)

Roskilde Rising 2014: Monday 30th June

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Being the first musician to perform at Roskilde Festival 2014 is not the easiest job in the world. The Roskilde buffs who wait for hours for the gates to open before flooding in and throwing up in a scummy tent that’s already been pissed on are a little too busy to take notice. The remaining crowd can be divided into three categories: the slightly hungover, the very hungover, and the super keen. And for those looking to take off the headache with a little music, Heimatt’s brand of light indie folk is perfect. Yesterday’s performance by frontman Magnus Grilstad’s had soaring vocals that were clear cut and reverberating, with lyrics about Scandinavia, love and sin, blending smoothly with Amalie Kjældgaard Kristensen’s violin.

Heimatt (Photo by Tom Spray)

Get Your Gun

Get Your Gun is a bit like a dark, apocalyptic version of The National, which serves for a nice bit of antithesis when the sun is beating down at what feels like 30 degrees and everyone is gradually declining into a pile of sunburnt skin. However, this didn’t stop singer Andreas arriving in practically head to toe black attire and trench coat. It’s clear that Get Your Gun are a band with a clear idea of their sound and image, but they’re unafraid of making purposeful experimental choices. The band played two tracks with the ‘Shameful Choir’, a men’s choir, a decision they made only a few days prior. Get Your Gun had clarity and clout as they made their debut at Roskilde Festival.

Get Your Gun (Photo by Tom Spray)

Blaue Blume

Blaue Blume’s falsetto vocals and stripped vintage pop sound were in full force as the four piece took to the Rising Stage yesterday evening. After attention from DIY and NME earlier in June, the band seemed wholly at ease with the Roskilde performance. Melodious riff lines and low, steady or spangled guitar underlay the gig to allow light, whispering vocals to grow, harmonise and waver. Effortlessly, the audience got swept away in Blaue Blume’s sound, and prepared for the party night ahead.

Blaue Blume (Photo by Tom Spray)

Photo by Tom Spray

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