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CTM stands for for Cæcilie Trier Musik and it is the alias of the Danish cellist, singer and composer Cæcilie Trier’s main musical project. Live CTM is a duo consisting of Cæcilie Trier on vocals and pianist Malthe Rostrup. A while ago the two stopped by Black Tornado Studios where they recorded two songs from Suite for a Young Girl – CTM’s 2016 debut released by Danish record label Tambourhinoceros and the follow up to the highly acclaimed EP Variations from 2013. We are proud to present the first song from the session ‘Escorted/The Road’. 

Cæcilie Trier is also known for other musical projects. She has been the cellist in Choir of Young Believers and she is also a part of the experimental vocal group Valby Vokalgruppe. This year she has been playing with Marching Church (signed to Sacred Bones) and last but not least she is known for her former solo project Chimes & Bells (signed to Bella Union).

Cæcilie is part of what many describe as the Mayhem Scene in Copenhagen – a collaborative space in Copenhagen where the likes of Synd & Skam, Iceage, Marching Church, Lower, Andreas Führer, Puce Mary, Communions and others are based. All with different musical expressions. They share rehearsal studios, put up shows and sometimes work directly with each others’ music – as when Cæcilie Trier recently played cello on Lower’s “Expanding Horizons”.

If you are in Copenhagen on Wednesday the 6. of July 2016 you’ll have the opportunity to experience her live in a very special setting: Arbejdermuseets Festsal (tickets here). It will be her first concert in Copenhagen since the sold out show at Jazzhouse 12. February and she will be joined by Dawda Jobarteh (kora), Asger Hartvig (saxophone) Maja Malou Lyse (speak) and of course Malthe Rostrup on piano. The concert is a part of ‘Something Else’, the alternative concert theme of Copenhagen Jazz Festival.


Sound and mixing: Troels Damgaard Holm
Master: Nikolaj Vinten
Film crew: Morten Aagaard Krogh, Hilmar Darri Flygenring, Johannes Leszinski
Produced by Here Today


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Wangel - Photo: Lasse Dearman
Wangel, the musical collaboration between singer-songwriter Peter Wangel and producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt, began in 2013. Their debut single, ‘Seoul’, went straight into heavy rotation on Danish national radio P3 soon after. Last year Wangel performed on the Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage and recently Freedom, their first full length album, was released on Playground Music. Here Today invited Wangel to perform a couple of songs live at Black Tornado Studios. We are proud to present ‘Spinning Head’ and ‘You’ve Got To Say It Loud’ from Freedom.

Edited by Morten Aagaard Krogh (
Filmed by Morten Aagaard Krogh, Johan Ask Pape (, Tim Panduro and Johannes Leszinski.
Sound engineer: Troels Damgaard Holm
Mixed and mastered by: Kasper Leonhardt
Produced by Here Today



SESSION: Cold Specks

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Cold Specks (Photo by Alexander Brandel)

“Born all in the dark wormy earth, cold specks of fire, evil, lights shining in the darkness.” These lines from James Joyce’s Ulysses would later inspire the stage name of Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter Ladan Hussein. Somehow you can hear her sound in these words; layered and complex, full of soul and beauty.

On a mild January morning, after playing a sold out show at Vega the night before, Cold Specks arrived at the Black Tornado to perform some songs from her second album, Neuroplasticity. Here is the atmospheric ‘Absisto’ and the soulful ‘Let Loose The Dogs’.

The session was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios. This is also where the portrait of Cold Specks by Alexander Brandel was taken.

SESSION: First Hate

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First Hate are a synth-pop duo from Copenhagen consisting of Anton Falck Gansted (Vocals/Keys) and Joakim Norgaard (Keys/Vocals). The duo combine lo-fi synthetically programmed melodies and drum beats fused with live keyboard recordings, Gansted’s deep reverb drained vocals are at the forefront of the bands sound. In September 2014, the band released their self titled debut EP First Hate and have recently toured with Danish producer Trentemøller on the eastern European leg of his Lost tour.

They visited us at Black Tornado studios in Copenhagen on a cold winters day to give us a peak into their world, giving us a taste of their “snake rhythm” genre leading us through “Girls In The Club” and “Strange Weather” – both from their self-titled debut EP. An additional song will be added to the session in the coming month, new single “Time” is scheduled for release towards the end of March, check back then!

Until then, here’s “Girls In The Club” and “Strange Weather”:

SESSION: Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia

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Two acts that Here Today has championed since the start of their blossoming careers, Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia, have decided to join forces for two concert at the end of the month. It only seemed fitting to bring them into the same studio we recorded their previous sessions to get a sneak peak at this collaboration, as they lead us through “Amber Sail” from Ice Cream Cathedral’s debut The Drowsy Kingdom.

Catch them at Radar in Aarhus on 31.10.2014 or Lille Vega in Copenhagen on 01.11.2014.

Watch “Amber Sail” from the session below:

Watch “Rituals” from Sekuoia’s previous session below:

Watch “An Armful Of Rubies” from Ice Cream Cathedral’s previous session below:

SESSION: Schultz and Forever

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Last February we invited a young Jonathan Schultz and his band, Schultz and Forever, to play a session for us at Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen. His gruff vocals and songwriting ability were beyond his years……….fast forward one year later Jonathan has refined his sound grabbing inspiration from the psychedelic scene, reshuffling his band mainly consisting of members of Danish band Waldo & Marsha and showed great relaxed maturity in his approach to songwriting. Along with a small crowd at Black Tornado he gave Here Today an exclusive on his new sound. Heres Schultz and Forever’s new single P.O.V., the rest of the session will follow in the summer…….

SESSION: Hexis (Roskilde Rising)

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Trading mostly in sludgy rhythms, rolling percussion, and lots of growling, Hexis have a sense of dynamics that gives their songs real dimension. Amongst the distortion and evil bellowing are countering shouts and unexpected cadences. The Copenhagen-based five-piece black metal outfit released their latest full length album, Abalam, in January. While their songs do have a thick, unsettling, buzzy quality to them, don’t expect endless, formless droning. They speed through most of their songs in quick, vicious succession, and Abalam clocks in at a succinct thirty five minutes — just enough time to rev you up or give you serious indigestion.

SESSION: Get Your Gun (Roskilde Rising)

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Get Your Gun hail from the northernmost part of Denmark – Aalborg. The trio formed in 2008 by brothers Simon (drums) and Andreas Westmark (vocals/guitar) along with bassist Søren Nørgaard. The band’s sound is built around a combination of raw bursts of energy and monotonous drones. This is supported by a song universe containing noise, desperation and evil from the outmost corners. Their debut album The Worrying Kind was released this spring and has received critical acclaim across Europe. The band are no strangers to Here Today having recorded a session with us previously after the release of their first EP in the fall of 2012, they return to us after being championed by Scandinavia’s largest music festival, Roskilde Festival, as part of their Rising project which will no doubt propel them to even greater heights!

SESSION: Narcosatanicos (Roskilde Rising)

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Narcosatanicos is a heavy name for a heavy band. The Aarhus-based sextet – including three guitarists and a saxophonist – draw from the likes of Suicide and Hawkwind to create a distinctive form of freeform, psychedelic noise-rock. The No-Wave saxophone wails, coupled with meaty basslines, make this a band that commands attention, manhandling the listener as their sonic hallucinations progress. Though one could spend several happy hours charting Narcosatanicos’ various influences, their sound is all their own, and their live performances promise to be intense and memorable experiences.

SESSION: The Awesome Welles (Roskilde Rising)

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Copenhagen’s newest ambassadors of brooding and theatrical indie rock may have a pun for a name, but their music is inspired by the straight-faced sincerity of bands like The National. Songs like “120” hark back to the grungy power-pop of the 90s and early 00s, whereas their newest single, “Undertaker”, – reportedly inspired by Soren Kierkegaard – sees them going for a more anthemic approach, with a very clear Scandinavian angle. Having supported the likes of Kellermensch and The Floor is Made of Lava, the Awesome Welles are poised to receive their own share of the limelight.

On a sweltering spring afternoon the trio (who play as a 5 piece live) arrived at Black Tornado studios on Refshaleøen to lead us through new single “Out Of The Woods” and two tracks “Wisdom” and “Factory” from their soon to be released debut album.

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