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King Krule

LIVE REVIEW: King Krule, Pumpehuset, 11.04.2014

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The hype around last year’s release of 6 Feet Beneath the Moon has ensured that Pumpehuset is packed with all sorts of vaguely fashionable types. Quite why Copenhagen’s twentysomethings are so interested in a 19-year-old from South London who sings about Tesco sandwiches past their sell-by dates, that is too large a question to get into. The point is that people are here, and there is a palpable atmosphere of anticipation as people cluster around the front or perch on ledges around the room.

The opening act, Kill J, despite having an obviously talented singer, manage to like more or less anything that was vaguely hip in the last few years: a bit of The Knife, a dash of M.I.A., sprinklings of whatever else you can think of. At one point she even starts to do an imitation of Die Antwoord’s Yolandi, complete with an incongruous South African accent.

A few teenage screams erupt as Archy Marshall joins his band on stage. It’s an interesting moment, a weird cognitive dissonance between this gawky, enthusiastic kid and an audience intent on deifying him. He bounces around during instrumental parts, but his distinctive style of singing anchors him down, as veins bulge around his neck.

Though his songs translate well enough in their live renditions, the sound is rather flattened out. Without some of the samples from the record, the set starts to sound rather samey and repetitive after half an hour. It is clear that to really get into King Krule, you need to subscribe to the myth. Otherwise you are essentially listening to an indie band playing lounge songs.

Though I’m less than evangelic about King Krule, it is undeniable that Archy has very interesting music tastes, and an ability to fit the most disparate influences into a unified sound. “A Lizard State”, despite its jazz references, could only come from the mind of someone who has grown up when the Libertines were at their peak. The attempts at street-smart realism and everyday references are still rather clumsy, and most tracks feel more like sketches than real songs, but the sketches are certainly promising.

Of course, most people are here for the penultimate song, “Easy Easy”. And it is the simplicity of the song, the sparse guitar and vocals, that give it punch, not to mention a passing resemblance to New Order’s “Ceremony”. Probably not the references to sandwiches, though.

King Krule | Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, 11.04.2014

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Photos by Tom Spray (

King Krule (Photo by Tom Spray)

King Krule (Photo by Tom Spray)

King Krule (Photo by Tom Spray)

King Krule (Photo by Tom Spray)

Roskilde Festival 2013 | The full line up

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A few weeks ago we wrote up an article ‘The Line Up So Far….’, listing must see/recommended bands that had already been announced for Roskilde Festival 2013:

Sigur Ros
King Krule
Animal Collective
Crystal Castles
The National
Danny Brown

Unfortunately our “wildcard” Daft Punk wasn’t booked after all, not that it came as a shock given the headliners were already picked. No doubt they’ll bring ‘Random Access Memory’ to Roskilde (and the rest of the world) next year.

Anyway, now that we’ve seen the full line up heres an update on a few additional names we’ve added to our list of must see acts at this years festival………






Schultz and Forever


Bobby Womack


Simian Mobile Disco




Queens Of  The Stone Age

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Check out the rest of the line up HERE


Roskilde Festival 2013 | The Line Up So Far….

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In light of Roskilde Festival’s announcement this morning, at Here Today we thought we’d go to the trouble of compiling a list of the “must see” acts that’ll be performing at this years festival. The full line up is set to be released on the 18th April 2013 but until then heres a list of some of the bands we highly recommend seeing.

Sigur Ros – One of the most highly anticipated acts to play Roskilde this year and an early announcement for the festival organisers. After the release of their 6th studio album ‘Valtari’ the band went on a world wide tour playing most major cities across Europe only to miss out Copenhagen (the highest populated city of Icelander’s outside of Iceland), meaning they had something special up their sleeve and after just announcing they’ll be releasing ‘Kveikur’ in June 2013, their set on the Orange Stage is set up to be an extremely special concert.

Stage prediction: Orange


King Krule – Playing under the moniker of King Krule, 18 year old, Archy Marshall paints a picture in his songs of what its like to grow up in this generation in London, UK. He’s been labeled as the Joe Strummer of the 21st century and was recently nominated in the prestigious BBC Sound Of 2013.

Stage prediction: Odeon


Animal Collective – Trippy projections, inflatable caves, giant fluorescent teeth….all feature in the world Animal Collective have created themselves on their latest tour. The experimental psychedelic outfit will bring a similar visual set to Roskilde health permitting, they’ve recently had to cancel their US tour due to illness. Fingers crossed!

Stage prediction: Arena


Savages – London based all female post-punk/rock band Savages formed in 2011 and quickly rised from the underground scene having gained a reputation with their intense raw live shows. They’re set to release their debut album late 2013.

Stage prediction: Pavilion


Crystal Castles – Over the past 5 years electro duo Crystal Castles have been creating festival dance anthems but are better known for their live shows, you’ll generally find Ethan Kath hunched over his synths while Alice Glass is either found reclusively curled up onstage sipping on a bottle of vodka between performing epileptic dance moves or stage diving.

Stage prediction: Arena


The National – Last time the band played Roskilde Festival in 2010 to an over flowing tent at Arena, 2013 will surely see them play to the masses at the Orange stage. They’re a band that have seen an increase in popularity since releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums including ‘Alligator’, ‘Boxer’, ‘High Violet’ and are due to release ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ in late May, featuring guest appearances from Sufjan Stevens, St Vincent, Sharon Van Etten and Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry. Perhaps we’ll see a collaboration at Roskilde Festival?

Stage prediction: Orange


Danny Brown – Exuberant Detroit rapper Danny Brown released his debut album ‘The Hybrid’ in 2010 launching him into the lime light of the US rap scene, his follow up ‘XXX’ was voted #1 hip-hop album of the year by Spin. He’s collaborated with several rap artists including A$AP Rocky and Das Racist. On his next album ‘Old’ (scheduled for release late summer) A$AP Rocky has returned the favour collaborating on said album along with Schoolboy Q, Ab-soul, Kitty and Purity Ring.

Stage prediction: Cosmopolitan


Highasakite – After already breaking out of their native Norway, the early part of 2013 has seen the band playing world wide showcases taking them to Eurosonic, By: Larm, SXSW etc. They’re debut EP ‘In And Out Of Weeks’ was release at the start of March, lead single from the EP “Indian Summer” and received praise from both Pitchfork and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon.

Stage prediction: Pavilion



Daft Punk – There was a lot of speculation in January 2013 as to whether Daft Punk will be playing live shows in 2013, several fake announcements were made tipping them to play at Primavera, Wireless and Roskilde to name a few. They appear to remain at the top of most festival goers wish list. Since then theres been a lot of static, until last week when they announced the release of a new album ‘Random Access Memories’ which is set to be released 21st May 2013. If they manage to book the French electronic duo this is what to expect………….

Stage prediction: Orange


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