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Video: Watch new video from Teitur – “Rock and Roll Band”

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Teitur has released a new video for the song “Rock And Roll Band” that appears on Story Music, Teiturs new album. Coming up this winter is also an interactive video – something we can look forward to following the recent release of interactive pieces as for example Reflektor by Arcade Fire.  Teitur describes Story Music as not something you get on the first listen. It’s about storytelling, accompaniment, monotony, life in the province, palindromes, Michala Petri, music genres, sociology, embarrassing silence and lots more.” 

Story Music is released today in Denmark. From October it will be available in most territories. The ten songs on “Story Music” are: Hopeful, If You Wait, Antonio And His Mobile Phones, Rock And Roll Band, Hard Work, It’s Not Funny Anymore, Monday, Indie Girl, Gone Fishing and Walking Up A Hill.


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