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The New Spring

VIDEO: The New Spring – “Song For Ana Mendieta”

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The New Spring aka Bastian Kallesøe has released a video for his current single “Song For Ana Mendieta” from his third album Late Bloomer which is set for release on September 15th on Tambourhinoceros.

Watch the video for “Song For Ana Mendieta” below:

Watch The New Spring perform “Song For Ana Mendieta” during our Here Today Session:

Bands to catch at SPOT Festival 2014

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Who: Broken Twin
Where: Musikhuset, Store Sal
When: 15:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Disa
Where: Atlas
When: 16:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Shiny Darkly
Where: SCC
When: 18:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Julias Moon
Where: SCC
When: 19:30 – 02.05.2014


Who: Reptile Youth
Where: SCC
When: 20:45 – 02.05.2014


Who: Iceage/Lower/Communions/Hand Of Dust
Where: Atlas
When: 22:00 – 02.05.2014


Who: Sekuoia 
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 22:00 – 02.05.2014


Who: Blaue Blume
Where: Musikhuset, Lille Sal
When: 22:15 – 02.05.2014


Who: The Woken Trees
Where: Musikhuset, Filuren
When: 00:00 – 02.05.2014




Who: Get Your Gun
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 15:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: My Heart The Brave
Where: SCC
When: 17:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Mont Oliver
Where: SCC
When: 19:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Heimatt
Where: Radar
When: 20:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: The New Spring
Where: Musikhuset, Filuren
When: 21:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Jaakko Eino Kalvei
Where: Voxhall
When: 21:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Sleep Party People
Where: Atlas
When: 21:15 – 03.05.2014


Who: Schultz and Forever
Where: Musikhuset, Cafescene
When: 21:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: Sea Change
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 22:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: Naomi Pilgrim
Where: Musikhuset, Rytmisk Hal
When: 22:45 – 03.05.2014


Who: Ice Cream Cathedral 
Where: Atlas
When: 00:30 – 03.05.2014


Who: Ring Them Bells
Where: Den Rå Hal
When: 01:00 – 03.05.2014


Who: Broke
Where: Atlas
When: 02:00 – 03.05.2014

SESSION: The New Spring

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With strong comparisons to The Tallest Man On EarthScott Matthews and Nick Drake. Bastian Kallesoee first started playing solo under the name The New Spring at the start of 2011 as a side project from his band Shout Wellington Air Force. Only a few months later he was to release his self titled debut album ‘The New Spring’ to positive reviews from Danish media. While touring his debut album he wrote a majority of material to his follow up album and by May 2012 he released ‘Secret Armor‘ receiving 5 out of 6 stars in both Gaffa and Soundvenue.


Production: Here Today
Sound engineer: Nikolaj Nielsen
Audio mix: Daniel Davidsen

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